From box to book


Hello everyone!

In the last five months we've been pretty busy.

We set up an indie publishing 'company', commissioned our first title 100 Women I Know, edited, designed and sent said title to print, organised a sell-out book launch event in collaboration with Ash Magazine and 100 Women I Know as part of the UN Women #HeForShe Arts Week and got our book into our favourite indie bookshops Pages of Hackney & Libreria, to name a couple. 

So how did it all begin? Well, in October 2017 we had our first official meeting with Phoebe Montague, the filmmaker of 100 Women I Know (the original documentary that our book is based on) and the founder of the organisation of the same name. Together we began by going through hundreds of pages of questionnaire answers that Phoebe had collected whilst making the film and highlighted everything we felt needed to be included. We had no office or filing system and our notes were all stored in this very scruffy looking box.

Our very sophisticated filing system

Our very sophisticated filing system

Whilst Kez (word guru) edited the content with Phe, Becca (princess aesthetics – not yet queen) designed the cover and laid out the text. After rounds (and rounds!) of designs we finally settled with a subtle pink cover. We've had some great feedback but we'd love to hear what do you think. 

Look! It has flaps! 

Look! It has flaps! 

And, here is a little preview of what you'll see when you buy your copy!

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 15.02.44.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 14.59.15.png

After five months of hard and emotional work together, we went from scrappy box to delivery boxes to finished book. 

IMG_1807 copy.jpg

And it was all worth it just to read these reviews...

This brave book has come at a time when finally women are standing together and speaking their truths, sharing their pain in plain is powerful, bold, and empowering. 

– Daisy Lowe, Femme

100 Women I Know is a much needed read for our society. A book which can encourage more women and girls to speak out against sexual violence.

– Molly Masters, Books that Matter

This project is incredible & helped me articulate events in my life from 20 years ago.

– Gabriella Apicella, Co Founder of The Underwire Film Festival

You can buy your copy here and thirty percent of the money that we receive from book sales will go towards funding workshops for  young people. These workshops will be carried out by 'People We Know', the sister organisation of 100 Women I Know. These workshops will aim to prevent young people from becoming perpetrators or victims of sexual violence. Young people are the future and education is the key to change! For more information on Phoebe's film and the workshops visit:

- Becca and Kez, bisous xxx

p.s we've just commissioned our next two titles that will be published towards the end of 2018 (until we've signed the dotted line the themes and authors can't be revealed) so watch this space, or join our mailing list and we'll let you know our plans for the future. 


Rebecca Souster