Community over competition


Hey guys, Kezia here.

I wanted to take a moment on this pretty gloomy Friday morning to talk about something that has really made my week.

As a lot of you will know, working from home on a new start-up can be extremely lonely – particularly when you’re a team of only one or two (like us). Becca, the other half of Break the Habit Press, has been away this week and I have been cooped up at home struggling to get the work done that I need/want to.

BUT, something that has cheered me up and put a smile on my face is the new campaign created by @thecovengirlgang founder aka @theflowerarranger, aka Sapphire Rutter,

On Monday, using the image below, she launched #communityovercompetition in a bid to spread kindness over Instagram and bring female creatives together from around the world.


Seeing it spread across our insta feed, into the stories of business babes and likeminded women, seriously warmed my heart. Instagram is forever being given a bad name, and yes we have to acknowledge that it does often perpetuate beauty standards and have us feeling shitty about ourselves, but there has been a massive shift of late where we can see people using social media for the right reasons.

We are continuously seeing women supporting each other and this is how we can change the world and make shit happen.

In our own experience, during the creation of 100 Women I Know the book and the run up to the launch event ‘The Art of Consent’, both Phoebe (founder of @100womeniknow) and us, were given massive massive support by our online community. Women weren’t just messaging us to say they liked what we were doing, they were following through and offering us any help they could.

One person that we have to give huge thanks to is Charlotte at Ash Magazine, an online (and soon to be in print) feminist magazine, for ordinary, extraordinary women. Char found @100womeniknow on insta and interviewed Phoebe about the project. This then led to us all working together on ‘The Art of Consent’ and Char being a complete superstar by taking the reins while we were crying over our numerous edits of the book. Although Char works full time we were in constant communication and I know Phe, Becca and I would have been lost without our group message supporting each other through the manic time.

Behind Every Woman .jpg

Community really is the key to success. You can try going it alone, but life will be much easier, and much more lovely, if you put all competition aside and work with other women to create some magic. 

You can get involved by heading over to @thecovengirlgang, screenshot this image, fill it in and add to your story! 


Kezia, bisous xx

Rebecca Souster