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For the Lives of All Women/Pela Vida Das Mulheres


14th November 2019



`It is a woman's right. It is the expression of her autonomy to claim uncompromising power over her own body and the determination of her own future. It is overcoming motherhood as a biological destiny.'

`Pela Vida das Mulheres' was the chant that Brazilians took to the streets to fight for reproductive rights. Just like those protests, this book is a call to action for activists and lawmakers around the world. For over two years, Camila Cavalcante travelled around Brazil meeting women who have had or who have witnessed illegal abortions. She photographed fifty women who shared their stories with her.

The collection of portraits is both deeply personal and deeply political. Cavalcante uses the naked female form to challenge the dangerous reproductive laws of Brazil. She exposes her body and identity on behalf of these women in an act of solidarity, as well as subversion. Within this context, For the Lives of All Women/Pela Vida das Mulheres is an act of rebellion in itself.

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This is Us: Black British Women and Girls


2nd May 2019



This is Us captures a lifetime of lived experiences from Black British women, retelling their stories of challenges and hardships, triumphs and strengths. Collected by Kafayat Okanlawon from strangers, acquaintances, friends and family, the book ties together the lives of women across generations and provides a necessary contribution to the current literature on Black British women.

Kafayat Okanlawon is the creator of learning hub FemFocus, is an ambassador for reproductive health organisation Clue and a board member for Imkaan, a charity dedicated to addressing violence against Black and minoritised women and girls.

The book marks the 20th anniversary of Imkaan and ten per cent of profits will be donated to the organisation. The foreword is written by Executive Director of Imkaan, Marai Larasi, who has dedicated her life to ending violence towards women.




1st November 2018



Period. is everything you need to know about periods. PERIOD.

Period. is a book for everyone – children and adults, mums and dads, womb-owners and ex-womb-owners. Overflowing with practical tips and advice, from what a period actually is to who does and who doesn’t have them, this inclusive book is a myth-busting must-read.

There is no beating around the bush in this funny and informative book written and illustrated by Natalie Byrne. Natalie is a London-based Latina illustrator who uses her colourful work to promote intersectional feminism and tackle social issues such as sexual assault and mental health.

“I’ve decided to use my skills as a creative to fight against period stigma and menstrual shame and make the book we all wish we’d had as a young people.” - Natalie Byrne

Ten percent of net profits for each book sold will be donated to Bloody Good Period, an organisation providing menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees and those who can't afford them.

The book will be launched at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road on November 1st. There will be a Q&A with Natalie, a panel discussion and vagina-based comedy. Tickets are £10 and include the book. You can buy them here.


100 Women I Know


8th March 2018



100 Women I Know is a collection of accounts of rape and sexual assault. The stories in this book are from women that the editor knows personally, but aims to bring together and foster solidarity between everyone who has been a victim of sexual violence. By exposing the common threads in each story, 100 Women I Know demonstrates the need to redefine rape within society and to further the understanding of consent to help prevent young men and women from becoming perpetrators or survivors of sexual violence. The book gives a voice to all of the brave women who shared their stories and continues the much needed conversation on sexual violence.

Thirty percent of money received from book sales will go towards funding educational workshops in schools. For more information visit


This brave book has come at a time when finally women are standing together and speaking their truths, sharing their pain in plain is powerful, bold, and empowering. 

– Daisy Lowe, Femme

100 Women I Know is a much needed read for our society. A book which can encourage more women and girls to speak out against sexual violence.

– Molly Masters, Books that Matter

This project is incredible & helped me articulate events in my life from 20 years ago.

– Gabriella Apicella, Co Founder of The Underwire Film Festival


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